I CHAOS is a dutch death metal band hailing from The Hague, formed in 2009, featuring Tobias Borra on vocals, Rory Hansen on guitar, Joost van der Graaf on bass guitar and Koen Herfst on drums. Their debut album “The Human Repellent” was released in 2011 to international acclaim. The band is currently working on its as of yet untitled sophomore album, scheduled to be released half 2015.

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Quotes on “The Human Repellent”:

“I CHAOS have made a beast of an album” 93/100 (LORDS OF METAL)

“With this record I Chaos establishes itself at the top of the Dutch deathmetalscene” 85/100 (METALFAN.NL)

“A deadly mutation of Thrash and Death that is one of the best debuts of the year.” 85/100 (THE METAL OBSERVER)

“This album will completely knock your f*cking head off!” 95/100 (INFIDELAMSTERDAM)

“This is solid, hard-punching, flesh-ripping tech death that’s concise, to the point and unrelenting.” (NO CLEAN SINGING)

“The Human Repellent’ is the most pure and impressive deathmetal record this year from Dutch soil” (MUSICFROMNL)

“(…) I CHAOS can easily be compared with the big names in the Dutch death metal scene – it even leaves a few of them behind.” (AARDSCHOK)

“(…) I CHAOS is tight, energetic, aggressive, thrashy and fantastically brutal, without lacking nuance.” (LORDS OF METAL)

“(…) With I CHAOS breaking on to the scene Holland has another super group in metal territory.” (MUSICFROM.NL)

“(…) Why in God’s name is it so heavy?” (FESTIVALINFO)

“(…) To the point and aggressive, contemporary sounding death metal.” (BLACKFUEL)

“(…) With I CHAOS Holland has spawned another top death metal act that can play it’self in to the international picture.”(LIVEXS)




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