We are taking it easy with liveshows and are focussing on writing our second album!

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After months of recording and mixing we are now finalizing our debutalbum entitled… ‘THE HUMAN REPELLENT’.

Drums were recorded at EXCESS STUDIOS, Rotterdam (NL) where bands like SEVERE TORTURE, PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT and many others have recorded as well. After a day of miking, trying out different drumheads and soundchecking, drummer KOEN HERFST was ready to go.

All ten tracks were recorded in 5 days, so we had lots of time to try out different drumparts. The drumsound turned out to be amazing as you will hear very soon.

Koen’s setup for ‘THE HUMAN REPELLENT’:

TAMA Starclassic performer B/B (Hyperdrive set):
22’’ Kick, 10’’, 12’’, 14’’,16’’ toms & 14’’x5,5’’ snare.

EVANS drumheads:
EQ4 on the kick
Genera HD Dry on the snare
EC2s on the toms

AMEDIA cymbals:
16’’, 18’’, 19’’ crashes, 16’’, 18’’ china’s, 10’’ splash, 12’’ stack (Euphrates series)
20’’ shiny ride (Vigor rock series)
14’’ & 13’’ hihats (classic series)

BALBEX drumsticks:
Hickory 5B

When all the drumtracks were recorded, guitarist RORY HANSEN recorded all his parts at his homestudio. After gently laying down all 40 tracks(!!), bassist JOOST VAN DER GRAAF finished recording his parts. After that, vocalist HARRY VAN BREDA recorded his sweet voice at his own studio “OERKNAL STUDIOS”.

At the moment we’re finalizing the mix at “NUTSVILLE NOISELAB STUDIOS“. So far the result is beyond our expectation. To us it’s a great reward after the whole process of writing the songs, rehearsing the shit out of it and recording our asses off.

Prepare to have your ears caressed with our sweet ass tunes!!!