Stay tuned for the second full length: “Masterbleeder”.


Because we are focussing on our second album there aren’t many shows booked for now. However, May 24th we will headline a cool new festival in our hometown The Hague!

We are happy to announce that we’ve recruited our new frontman: Tobias Borra (also known from Cypher). We are more than confident that Tobias will be an excellent replacement for our former vocalist Harry van Breda and look forward to recording our new album and hitting stages again in the new line-up!

I CHAOS 2014 web 800

We misten een beetje ballen bij het huidige Koningslied…

For our fans outside of The Netherlands: as we are writing our second album we decided to make a special song for the crowning of the new king of The Netherlands.

We are taking it easy with liveshows and are focussing on writing our second album!

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We had a great time performing at EXTREMEFEST Germany! More pictures online soon!